When I returned to college in my mid-twenties, I took an interpersonal communications class. I thought, “This is a no-brainer. What an easy ‘A.’ All I have to do is write about talking.”

Yeah, well … it wasn’t that easy after all. The details are a blur now, but I remember this: communication works best face-to-face, can be verbal and non-verbal, involves interpretation and perception, and is the basic element of healthy relationships. Communication happens between all living things and it is best when all parties are invested in prospering the relationship. The real estate mantra about location can be applied to communication … communication, communication, communication!

Communication is one of the more challenging things about church life. There are many things happening simultaneously in the church office, with staff, and with boards and committees. How do we best share with each other what’s happening? If you continue reading from this point on, you are doing better than most!

The information age demands our attention to the point of addiction. We are privileged to have instant access to world events, but then easily overwhelmed with the unprecedented amount of information. Facebook has us trained to be concise and witty; if not, you won’t get ‘liked.’ We prefer headlines to real news, drama over content. Still reading?

I am equally guilty of speed reading or promising myself I’ll read it ‘later’ which I rarely do. However, to be in healthy relationship with you and others, I’m not communicating if I don’t participate … if I don’t read what is being shared… which is “ouch” for my benefit “zing”.

The church works hard at communicating with you about what is happening here! Maria puts hours into creating an interesting Uniter and E-pistle. Please read them thoroughly!

If you are a member of a board or committee, please submit a short article to the church office about some of the highlights of your work! Keep the office up-to-date about your meetings! Share with others during Fellowship time about upcoming events or programs. Solicit advice or ideas. Invite, invite, invite! Invitation is not the same as bullying – insisting and demanding participation is not welcoming. Still reading?

Thank you… for your willingness to progress … for your willingness to connect… for your resilience in service to God!

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