I’m feeling truly grateful today. Do you ever have one of those moments, or even a whole day, where your ‘grateful’ cup seems to overflow? Last Sunday during our Prayers of the People, I asked you to turn to your neighbor and tell them something about them that you appreciate. Many of you shared with me, too. I felt a warm glow and continue to have an uplift of my spirit. I’m feeling gratitude … for a long list of things, of blessings.

Just to name a few … what a treat it is to witness God’s good creation outside my office window! The Kid’s Zone gardeners have very green thumbs. The corn looks eight feet tall; the green beans look like a waterfall after a hard rain; the flowers are attracting all sorts of butterflies. One of the classrooms just picked two basketball-sized cabbages and four eight-inch cucumbers! It continues to amaze me about the simplicity, the intricacy, and the bounty of God’s Creation.

I appreciate my son after his 10-day visit. I appreciate my husband for his steadfast support and love. Looking back at my first six months with you, I’m grateful for this church! I appreciate all the ways you bring the church to life through your service – mowing the lawn, watering the flower pots, serving coffee, greeting and welcoming on Sunday mornings, collecting the pew pad pages, counting the offering, visiting home-bound or sick members, hosting meetings in your homes, serving on multiple boards/committees and on and on …

I appreciate the staff at Union! Wow! Are we fortunate to have a talented and dedicated staff! I feel SO grateful to be surrounded by genuinely gifted people who share my passion for God’s work.

Most of all, I appreciate your willingness to journey together as a Community of faith, a Body of Christ into the future. We don’t know what the future holds for us, but we know the presence of and can trust the work of the Holy Spirit. As we work together to become extravagantly and radically welcoming, we continue to discern how the Spirit would have us think and act differently to be the church of God’s dream.

May we continue to appreciate each other as we listen closely to the Spirit’s nudging.

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