Take Action Minnesota

This past Sunday (August 23rd) I showed a powerful video during my sermon.
“Silent Beats” is a five-minute visual punch. With no words spoken, it still speaks volumes about our humanness and our brokenness. It gives us image after image of how our experiences and early learning come to form our biases which then become internalized. When these biases are reinforced throughout our lifetimes they become racism or sexism or homophobia or … fill-in-the-blank.

I also shared what I learned at a meeting about TakeAction Minnesota; a grassroots non-profit that organizes around social justice issues such as voting rights and the economy. Their mission is “to unite the power of diverse individuals, communities and organizations in active grassroots democracy that builds racial, social and economic justice.”

This group models the concept: we’re only as good as the community of people around us . TakeAction Minnesota’s working principles are:

1)”It is no accident.” In other words, the current social injustices, such as racism and poverty, serve those in power and are purposefully exploited.
2)A people-made problem can be solved by people.
3)Unless a truth is spoken, someone will speak a lie in its place.

Here’s what happens when we apply these working principles to racism. The U.S. (along with other European countries) has a long history of enslaving people whose voices are silenced, their identities demonized, and their lives purposefully locked in oppression. The truth about racism is that it’s NO ACCIDENT. It didn’t just ‘happen’ this way. Racism is a people-made problem that can be solved by people. Unless this truth is spoken, a lie will be spoken in its place.

As people of faith who witness daily the reprehensible cost of systemic racism, we have a unique opportunity to add our voices to groups like TakeAction Minnesota. We can put feet on our faith! We can support their campaigns for worker’s rights and restoring voter protections and more. Check out the link to their website. Let’s work together to get involved!!

Email me at: pastor@unionslp.com if you’re interested.

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