Love, Love, Love

“Love, Love, Love” is Sunday’s theme. “All you need is love,” the Beatles sang. The power of love transcends description; I guess that’s why songwriters have so much to write about!

We will also celebrate All Saints Day. In many churches, All Saints Day (November 1) celebrates all people of faith, recalling how, in New Testament usage, the word saints refers to Christians collectively, as well as those people of special significance who have been set apart by the church or canonized. It is the recognition of the common bond of Christians, both living and dead, and the common bond of the church here on earth and the church triumphant in heaven.

You are invited to bring a framed photograph of someone you’ve loved and lost or someone you consider a saint. We will celebrate their love for you during a special prayer and place the photos on the altar during communion.

Where would the world be without love? Where would I be without it? Who shaped you by the way they loved you? I was shaped by my grandmother’s love. She used to sit me on her kitchen counter and give me a spoonful of honey. Everythingshe did, from special birthday cakes to special clothes, made me feel special from the inside out.

In the gospel according to Mark, Jesus quotes Deuteronomy 6:4–5 which is a key “creed” of Judaism – to love the one God. Jesus also quotes Leviticus 19:18 about how we will love our neighbors. It is intriguing that he does not include verse 17 which suggests that this love can be confined only to our own community; by leaving this verse out, Jesus suggests that love for neighbor includes everyone – indeed, all of creation.

Sometimes loving comes naturally and easily. Sometimes not so much. I invite you to consider who you find difficult to love; what situation at home, at work, or at church challenges your loving. Then take a moment to hold that person or situation in mind, take a breath, and breathe God’s love into the image. Repeat as needed!

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