Better Disciples

Reformation, All Saints and Stewardship Sundays (Oct 29th, Nov. 1st & 8th) were very meaningful for me. I hope they were for you, too. As pastor, I don’t really get the opportunity to worship, but on these Sundays my heart was filled by your energy and your willingness to participate. In case you weren’t here on Oct. 29th, Reformation Sunday, we had a cardboard door near the pulpit to represent the church door where Martin Luther posted his 95 thesis against the Roman Catholic Church who were corrupted by its power. On our cardboard door we asked you to post your cloud-shaped notes filled out with your ‘good’ and ‘bad’ characteristics, the ones God knew about, and the ways you wanted to be a better disciple.
I was very impressed with how you wanted to be better disciples! Here are some of my favorites:
better disciples
Church, with this kind of positive energy we can become the people God needs in the world!
Thank you for all that you are and for all that you do to build God’s kingdom on earth!
See you in church!

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