Blue Christmas Sentiment

The snows are starting to fall. Winter is soon upon us. But it can be a dreary time of year. As I prepare for the Blue Christmas worship on Sunday afternoon, I’m keenly aware that many people find the holidays deeply challenging. Take heart. Take courage. You are not alone.

I offer this prayer:
Craftsperson of the heavens, you have stretched out above us a canopy of stars which are signs of hope renewed in darkest times. Brightener of the night, open to us the treasures of darkness – its deepest wisdom and its healing power. The world is not dead; it is sleeping. Its life draws in; it is keeping. The earth is gathering energy for a new burst of life. We breathe in the mystic air that we may breathe out care. Your presence supports us through the night so we can hale the coming source of Light. Shine through the mists, the deadening heavy clod.

Here are some scripture verses with short descriptions you might find helpful.
Luke 14:15–24 – This story offers hope for those who have no one to invite them. It reminds us that in God’s divine order, no one is excluded – all are invited.
1 Kings 19:1–3a, 8–15a – Sometimes it is only in isolation that we can hear the still, small voice through which God speaks to us.
Matthew 8:14–22 – In his own life, Jesus shared his experience of having no place to call home, no family, no security.
Matthew 2:9–18 – Anniversaries and special events are not always happy times. For the people of Bethlehem, the birth of Jesus would always remind them of the army that massacred their children.
Revelation 7:15–17 or 21:1–7 – Our present world is not how God wants things to be. Those who weep now will not weep later. In this new heaven and new earth, there will be no more need for tears.
Luke 2:1–7 – Jesus himself was no stranger to being a stranger, an outsider, a refugee.

May you find reasons for hope this season!

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