Be The Change We Want to See

It’s the week before the Kentucky Derby and preparations are at their peak. Phone calls and emails are buzzing between the… contestants… No… wait… I meant, it’s the week before the Annual Meeting!

All kidding aside, there is a certain buzz in the air. Are the nomination slots full? How do we prepare a meaningful report on the budget? Are there changes we need to prepare for? Who’s on first? What if…?

All will be well, my friends. I picture God on home plate, Jesus in the out-field, and the Spirit has all the bases covered!

Union has many dedicated and talented leaders and staff to lead us faithfully and confidently into the future. We are primed for growth! We are staffed to create innovative worship, programming, and administration for those who come through our doors. Your boards are working to identify new areas of mission and outreach that address your expressed interest in homelessness and youth. [Remember, some of you voted with rolls of pennies last spring.]

There will be new faces, fresh ideas, and increased energy on boards in 2016. There may be fewer people serving, but there will be plenty of opportunities for each of you to help out. Stay tuned for these requests and be ready to say ‘yes’ to something! I saw a post on Facebook that rings so true:

We Will Never Change the world by going to Church. We will only change the world by being the church.

I invite you to BE CHURCH together as this banner/bumper sticker proclaims:

be the church, Protect the envirornment, Care for the poor, Forgive often, reject racism, fight for the powerless

Then, participate: in worship to feed your spirit for our work together, at the Annual Meeting so we can make informed decisions about our future together, and other events at church so we can BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE. We can all agree the world is in need of a make-over.. so let’s get started!

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