Israel and Palestine

During my sermon on Sunday I shared my anguish about how the Bible has been misused to promote colonialization. Abraham was ‘given’ the ‘land’ by God in chapter 15 of Genesis; I wondered out loud how this has affected the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The 30th General Synod of the United Church of Christ (2015) passed a resolution about Israel and Palestine. From “This resolution proposes a fourfold strategy by the United Church of Christ to help end the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The strategy seeks to combine:

(1) educational empowerment (study of Kairos Palestine 2009 – ‘A Moment of Truth’: A Word of Faith, Hope, and Love from the Heart of Palestinian Suffering);

(2) economic leverage (divestment from companies that profit from the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories and boycott of products produced in such territories by Israeli companies);

(3) political pressure (petition to Congress to ensure that aid to Israel violates neither the U.S. Foreign Assistance Act nor the U.S. Arms Export Control Act); and

(4) interreligious dialogue (conversation among the three Abrahamic faiths aimed at reaching religious reconciliation and achieving political resolution).”

Being the UCC, we hold diverse views about issues across the spectrum and this was no different. The national officers posted articles on line (such as this one) to help people understand the history and the implications of this resolution. There is no doubt that this is complicated. You might want to check out these “Answers to Frequently Asked Questions” about the resolution can be found here. Another place to go for answers to questions about Israel and Palestine is the Global Ministries website as well as this page.

General Synod, the UCC’s bi-annual big church meeting, has tasked conferences and local churches to study this issue and be better informed global citizens. Will you join me?

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