God’s extravagant love is the theme of this week. Our focus scripture is about Mary anointing Jesus’ feet. But when we think of extravagance, how seldom do we think about God?

It seems to me, our society’s idea of extravagance is like that of the couple on HGTV’s “House Hunters” who search for their $3 million dream home that ‘must have’ a 3-car garage for their foreign car collection. Extravagance today is about having ‘stuff,’ gaining wealth and power, and living ‘high on the hog.’ Extravagance today is selfish to the point of destruction. Destruction of our planet through excess waste. Destruction of our global neighbors’ farmland ‘stolen’ for little money, stripped of minerals, and abandoned to pollute and destroy. Destruction of our very souls because we perpetuate ignorance of our interdependence with our planet and our fellow human beings.

As we journey through Lent, getting closer to Jesus’ suffering and death, I am reflecting how profoundly remarkable and mysterious God is. How does the very Heart-of-All-Things tolerate us, much less love us, so wastefully? How can the “Ground of Our Being” so relentlessly pursue our flawed selves and celebrate whenever we dare to return to living God’s way? I am feeling humbled in the awakening to God’s prodigal (wasteful) love.

We know what lies ahead as we near the end of Lent and yet… we can also trust that God is going to do a new thing. What ‘new thing’ energizes you when you think about our church? How has your Lenten practice helped you discern where our church is headed? Are you ready for what God has in store?

May we be reminded that during the somber and sparse Season of Lent, to rejoice in God’s extravagant love and presence in our lives.

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