April Loose Coin

Our APRIL LOOSE COIN collection will go to support: Global Ministries. Global Ministries is a partnership organization between the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ. They have partnerships with countries world-wide where missionaries respond to the needs of the people they serve. Union Church has given financial support to missionary partners Dr. Monica and Rev. Tom Liddle for their upcoming service in East Timor.

The Vision of Global Ministries is to receive and share the Good News of Jesus Christ by joining with global and local partners to work for justice, reconciliation and peace. They believe that God’s love manifests itself by living in intentional, committed relationships and that community building is the key to unity among all of God’s children. Living out God’s radical love by confronting powers that deny the fullness of life and the integrity of creation and embodying reconciling relationships with God, humanity and creation are the justice and peace core values of Global Ministries.

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