Easter People

Easter is over, right? Hmm, not really. Why? Because we are Easter people! God has shown us what love can do. God has shown us that transformation is possible… and crucial to our faith. Now what?

As I remarked in my Easter sermon, we need to put on our ‘courage skin’ and dare to become our true selves—the people whom God loves and believes in, the people of God who want to put feet on their faith. I know that can be a ‘big ask;’ public displays of faith can feel risky.

After Jesus’ death and resurrection, his followers were trying to find their place in Jewish society. Their beliefs in a Messiah who had died and was raised from the dead were not popular among religious authorities. Jesus’ followers faced opposition and judgment from their Jewish peers.

At times in today’s world, we face the same opposition or peer pressure. Religious belief and practice are considered outdated and old fashioned to some. Christianity is sometimes associated with bigotry and hatred in contemporary society. The small group of Jesus’ followers continues on. They were hopeful and determined. The same can be said of churches and small bands of Christians today!

Consider the difference our church can make in today’s world. What initiatives might we take on? With the examples of the small, early church as a guide, how can we be witnesses to Jesus’ resurrection today that doesn’t put people off? How can we share the idea that hope can conquer darkness and the injustices we see around us?

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