Oh! What a joy! This Sunday we will be welcoming nine new members into Union Church. We hope you can be with us in worship to help welcome them. Every time the church receives new members we become a new church. In the language of radical welcome, “we are better because you are here!”

New folks bring their cultural and life experiences, talents, gifts, and perspectives. They also bring their needs and hopes. In covenant we as a church promise to provide opportunities for new members to fully use their gifts, to serve as they are able, while promising to support them in times of need. Our covenant promises include our willingness to deepen the formation of their faith and offer ways to put feet on their faith.

Each time we welcome a visitor or install a new member, we renew the life of our church, this Body of Christ. What a privilege and joy to make new friends and enrich our life together! I encourage you to find ways to socialize with our new members; invite them to lunch after worship, go to a movie, or have a picnic! It is our relationships with each other that makes life fulfilling.

I feel humbled and grateful that Union is growing in both body and spirit. You are doing good work being the light of Christ to our community, thank you! I pray that God will continue to synthesize our flaws and our gifts so that we may be a unique expression of joy and justice at Union Congregational United Church of Christ!

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