May and June Loose Coin – Meadowbrook Collaborative

The collaborative serves the residents of the Meadowbrook Community, which has been a naturally occurring affordable housing development in St. Louis Park. Union UCC has had an on-going relationship with the collaborative since its formation in 1993. Meadowbrook is under new ownership and all 551 units are subject to an increase in rent on an average of $100 each. Other possible changes include: criminal background checks, and a need to reapply regardless of longevity of residence. People face the possibility of eviction or non-renewal of lease. Already, the Collaborative has negotiated an extension for residents with children to complete the school year without fear of eviction. Union is partnering with other faith communities, city housing and government agencies to educate and otherwise assist the residences in dealing with new requirements, coping with stress, and establishing dialogue and positive outcomes with the new management. The Collaborative is the on-site community resource providing the education and actual information to the residents.

Due to the urgency of the need and the continuing housing issues, B&CO determined two months of loose coin donations would have the most impact.

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