Shifts in Focus

The month of May seems like it’s the end of some sort of invisible season – graduations, confirmations and the celebrations that follow. It seems to be the same for the church – the last Sunday of Godly Play, of the choir singing in worship, of special holy-days.

While I felt a little sigh of relief on Monday after a joy-filled worship celebrating our ministries that matter, like the transition from spring to summer church life never really stops it merely shifts focus. With that in mind we are planning some wonderful

Wednesday family worship events this summer (watch for the June Uniter!) as well as continuing to provide meaningful worship on Sundays.

The early church went through its own transitions as we’re told in the Acts of the Apostles. Since Easter, our Sunday worship has been based on stories from this powerful book of scripture. The disciples had been deeply and meaningfully shaped by their time with Jesus, but now that he was gone what were they to do? We as a church of the 21st century need to ask the same things? Why are we here? What do we do now in light of declining funds?

How can we BE CHURCH to our Union neighbors and to the world?

Union’s Executive Council is taking these and other questions very seriously as we plan a visioning process for the future. This will include some concrete action steps that you will see while we prepare to ask all of you some intriguing questions.

What I know for sure, right this minute, is that God is Good and God is Still Speaking!!
Reflecting on the year and a half that I’ve been your pastor, we have been moving forward together while embraced and empowered by the Spirit.

THANK YOU for all the ways you do ministries that matter.

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