UCC and our Community

I just have to say how proud I am of Union UCC! Why? Because you have responded to the kindling of your ‘inner activist’ by showing up (13 of you) to the Acting On Faith Event put on by Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative last week. Why am I feeling proud? Because several of you have signed up to help the displaced and worried residents of Meadowbrook Manor at the Resource Fair being held at Union on Wednesday, May 18th (tomorrow). YAY you!!

I almost feel as if Pentecost Sunday had happened before our celebration of it. In other words, the Spirit has already been igniting fires propelling your feet to follow the Spirit’s calling in your hearts. Union UCC was once captured by uncertainty about the future, waiting for the Spirit to align you with God’s heart. But no more! Your deep listening and wide-open yearning has liberated you… has liberated us to actively engage and respond to the needs of our community.

Last spring we asked for a penny for your thoughts (a roll of pennies, actually). We asked you to vote for two of your most important social issues. Homelessness and Youth were the top two. Since then, we have been actively exploring how to partner with non-profit groups in St. Louis Park and the wider metro about housing and youth. When a housing forum was organized in response to the new ownership at Meadowbrook Manor resulting in higher rents and evictions, you showed up! When there is a need, Union UCC has responded.

As I reflected in my sermon on Sunday, the incoming of the Spirit means we are being empowered to interpret the times in our community and world, and to interpret what the Spirit is asking of us. That means you are a prophet. (No, not the future-predicting kind.) You are a community of prophets because you are a community of faith filled with and responding to the Spirit! As prophets interpreting the times and the needs of our community and our world, our activities are proclaiming the word and the work of God.

WOW! Well done… we’re just getting started. Imagine what our potential is!

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