How Do You Decide What To Read Or Watch?

I remember playing the telephone game with paper cups and string. (Yes, that ages me you, too, if you remember it.) The other one was whispering something in someone’s ear and seeing what happened to the original message after passing between several kids. Some things have changed in the 21st century, and some things haven’t.

Though we use written communication – texts, emails, bulletins, newsletters – for the majority of our connecting, we live in a visual age where even billboards are more like TV screens than the written word. We’re being trained to read the brightest, most concise, and shortest messages we can. On top of that, the amount of information available to us with the click of a mouse is vast and overwhelming!

So… my question for you is this: how do you decide what to read or watch? How do you know when you’ve received all the information intended for you? I find myself not getting to the end of an email before I move to the next one. I skim long articles or even skip to the end. I’m missing some of the information which is meant for me and my well-being! It’s hard to slow down and sift through it.

I spend a dozen hours each week discerning and then composing what I hear God nudging me to say to you in sermons, bulletins, E-pistle and Uniter articles. Not only is it part of my call in serving as your pastor, but it’s our main communication with each other. Unfortunately, it feels only one way; I don’t know what you hear, if you read, or what else you need.

I’m always searching for a new way to reach you, through story, font style, graphic, or song; to attract you to listen for what God’s message is for you. How am I doing? What can I do differently to facilitate our communication? Please drop me an email if you have an idea or thought – or catch me on Sunday or call on the phone.

Except for the parables, Jesus doesn’t say much in the gospel accounts. I imagine him to be a good listener – to people and to God. May we participate in the multi-directional gift of communication that will strengthen our relationship with each other and with God!
Shalom, Pr. Barb

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