Make Real the Realm of God

“Make Real the Realm of God” is our theme for this fall’s season after Pentecost. The universal church calls it ‘Ordinary Time’ but we’re in the midst of an extra-ordinary time where there is high anxiety about the upcoming election and future of our country. It’s an extra-ordinary time where Union church is undertaking a comprehensive Moving Off the Map process.

What do these all have common? Each requires us to dig deep for our values, for what we hold most dear, and then take action to make it reality. If we think each person is beloved by God no matter who they are or what they believe, that is a value. If we believe each beloved person should have access to the same rights and privileges as each other, that is a value. If we believe that walls divide us instead of creating a sacred community, a safe world, that is a value. Because we are Christians, we are called to vote our values. Because we are Christians in community as a church, we are called to live our values.

And what happens when we do? Well … that>/I> is when we are making real the realm of God. When we live, truly live, our values according to what Jesus has taught us, then we are co-creating with God, God’s realm on earth. Now that’s what I call a high and holy calling worth living for.

Shalom, Pr. Barb

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