New Identity

‘Tis the season, as they say! The Great Minnesota Get-Together is here signaling the transition from summer to fall. St. Louis Park schools are into their second day and other districts are not far behind. The Christian church continues in its ‘green’ season of Ordinary time (between Pentecost and Advent); however, the Worship Staff is sensitive to the high levels of fear and anxiety that permeate our lives in this not-so-ordinary time.

Your worship staff has spent many hours together this summer planning worship that is hopeful, enlivened and deeply spiritual. Our fall theme is “Make Real the Realm of God.” We will be using images – art, photos, and video – to help tell the story of faith as we grow into disciples who are co-creating the realm of God.

Our focus for the first Sunday of our new church season is “New Identity.” Jesus teaches about the costliness of discipleship and how the summons to follow calls for reshaped priorities. If our new (or even true) identity is in relationship with God, how do we live into the holiness that resides in each of us?

Being in a relationship with God, through the life and ministry of Jesus, is life-changing. It shapes who we are, changes our outlook, and inspires us to live in God’s ways. From the heart of love, justice flows out into all our relationships, even when doing so is difficult or comes at a cost.
What does it mean to you that your identity is formed by God? How does this identity shape your relationships?

The image for this Sunday is called “Metamorphosis.” The artist, Chantal E Y. Bethel, captures a moment of clarity and freedom. She says this happens, “when a change takes place from the mask to the real you. To remove the mask you must have courage and acceptance if you want to move forward in a positive way. Until you accept the way things are you cannot change them.”


O God, you have known and loved us; you have made us wonderfully and fearfully. May this growing knowledge form a new sense of who we are in you. Guide us to embrace a new vision of our identity that is grounded in justice and compassion for all.

Shalom, Pr. Barb

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