The ‘Moving Off The Map’ Process Continues!

And we need… YOU! The biggest portion of the Moving Off The Map process is getting each person in the congregation – member, friend, visitor, staff members – to answer some key assessment questions. We want to know what you value… what you believe… and your vision for Union church.

How do we do that? FOCUS GROUPS!

Join us on Sunday, October 9 during Fellowship time for the first FOCUS GROUP. These might be different than what you’ve experienced before. There will be focus group sessions throughout the next several months; not every Sunday. We need your attendance at all of the FOCUS GROUPS because the questions you will be asked will be different each time. And they are interesting questions, too. There is so much we want to learn from you!

Here’s how it looks: after worship, you will find your table in Fellowship Hall where there will be some treats, coffee, and juice. You will be seated at a table with seven or eight others; there will be nine or ten tables total. Each table will have a facilitator who will guide the conversation and will ask for a volunteer to take notes. Your answers will be written down, but not your names. This process should take only one-half hour (forty-five minutes at the maximum.)

You see, without you, the Moving Off The Map team won’t be able to do their job which is helping us all to move off the map of how we’ve always done church, to incorporate our cherished values and traditions, and to discern how we move boldly forward into the future… together!

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