We Stand With Love

THANK YOU, thank you, to all who were able to stay after worship to participate in our first Focus Group for our Moving Off the Map process. Eight tables were filled so we could hear your thoughts about three important questions. But wait… there’s more. We will have another Focus Group on Sunday, Oct. 23rd to ask three new important questions.

Why is this important? In the long tradition of congregational polity where you are each ministers to the faith community and beyond, your growing understanding of Union’s core values and motivating vision will shape its future.

On a personal note, I recently joined an email blog called We Stand With Love. I get daily emails that remind me of the unifying and courageous power of love. In these uncertain times, let us re-member that God is the Love that keeps us strong.

“We are people of every age, gender, race, religion and creed. We care passionately about meaningful issues and we do not always agree.
Our Differences Should Not Divide Us. Our Differences Are What Make Us Great. We are a people who refuse to live in fear. We replace fear-based politics with love for one another and a promise to protect each other. Bound Together, We Are Committed To Creating A Bright, Hope-Filled Future For All
Of Our Children.”

We Stand With Love

See you in church on Sunday at 9:40 am for our Intergenerational Worship Event!!

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