Election Day

This is my third presidential election in Minnesota. My first as pastor of a church which is a polling place. WOW! What a privilege it is to witness the democratic process – the election judges arrived before 6:00 am and the first voters showed up at 6:20 am; the line was 50 people long until 8:00 am. I’ve filled 8 trays of cookies and 12 carafes of coffee so far (8:15). And… even though I’m not showing hospitality to be thanked, a couple people have anyway.

Parents with their young children, expectant moms, first-time voters, and young adults standing in line to say their peace. My favorite part was to witness Stephan Gipp (Linda Jahnke’s husband) vote for the first time as a new American citizen. What an amazing experience and a steady release of long pent-up anxiety. God is good.

In the midst of pain, anger, and high anxiety, I wish I was better at noticing the goodness of God. But as I lit the remnants of the All Saint’s Day candles in the sanctuary, I felt Spirit move and soften the space … then my heart … then my soul.
May the movement of the Holy stir our better angels today as we wrestle to unite our country today, tomorrow, and thereafter.

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