Lament and Gratitude

You didn’t hear from me by email last week. There was no Epistle because Maria was on vacation and we can’t really do it without her 🙂

If you’ve been to worship on Sundays you’ve probably heard my laments about the new reality of our country. ‘Lament is good for the soul,’ I’ve heard. Sharing with one another our fears and our pain seems to make room for hope to shine through.

In this week of Thanksgiving I’m grateful for each of you! Your witness of kindness, generosity, purpose, and love re-fills my hope. I’m also encouraged by the uprising of folks, mostly white, who have gotten “woke” – gotten off the couch, are seeking community and allies, and are organizing for the greater good.

From a recent Liberating Word daily devotional, Zihna Gordon, a member of Virginia-Highland Church (Atlanta) and a spiritual director wrote about her greater hope.

“A week ago, African-Americans were having to teach their children how not to get shot by police; women were being interacted with only as bodies; LGBT people were being shamed; Muslim people were being avoided; the rural poor were being dismissed. To a large extent, however, Americans had adjusted their lives or their communities and were getting by as well as possible. Now there is a greater uprising against the unacceptable. We have not chosen the easier route to liberty and justice for all, but this road is not a dead end. It presents a catalytic possibility for even deeper transformation within our country, and within us.”

Today, working hard at an intentional attitude of gratitude, I am hopeful for this new wave of activity toward equality and dignity for each and every human being as a child of God. Maybe this new stirring of righteous anger will move us all to participate in making real the Realm of God. … and the season of Advent beckons us to Birth the Realm of God.
Shalom, Pr. Barb

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