Peace be with you

Small things can make me smile: two and three-year olds dressed up for Halloween, sunshine after a dark and dreary Monday, and of course, chocolate!
Dreary rainy days during Oregon winters were the ones I called “cookie days.” Is there a better comfort food than cookies? Baking cookies makes the world seem calmer, more palatable somehow. I will be doing a lot of baking this week for many reasons. I need something productive to do to avert the pre-election foreboding, but on a positive note I want to feed anxious voters who come to Union next Tuesday.

I hope you will join me in providing hospitality – coffee and cookies – to provide a bit of comfort for the predicted high voter turnout.

Jesus told the disciples many times, “Peace be with you.” And in the later chapters of the gospel accounts, he would breathe on them. The word for breath in both Hebrew and Greek is the same as the word for spirit and wind (Heb. ruah and Gr. pneuma). The Holy Spirit is the Breath of God that moves within us and enables us to know what we know of God and to feel what we feel of God. Breath reminds us that we are intimately connected to God.
Breath of God (inhale)
Breathe on me (exhale) … repeat as needed.

Pr. Barb

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