Joy and Fear of the Season

As Christmas gets closer, the birth narrative starts echoing life; it gets more personal and more alive. There seems to be a juxtaposition between joy and fear, promise and foreboding in my heart. Maybe like Mary, the growing joy inside her is similar to the profound joy in the tremendous music we heard last Sunday. I was filled with hope in the promises so ancient, yet so contemporary.

And yet, there is foreboding with the change in leadership in our country and the credible fear immigrants are feeling as the inauguration draws near.

As I struggle with a winter cold, there doesn’t seem to be much rationale to the joyous or fearful moments. Maybe the key is to spread as much joy and kindness around as we can all while staying connected to the realities of these times.

No matter what happens in the midst of our busy day, the needs of our neighbors could be much more dire. So I take heart in the joy of knowing that God cannot be separated from our pain or our joy.

Pr. Barb

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