God Becomes Everything We Are

I have been listening carefully to you, church, in these days before the inauguration. Some have told me they feel resigned, some hopeful, some worried, and some afraid. I also am hearing from faith leaders around the world, as well as social justice advocates and faith-based organizers, that we have an opportunity, some say an obligation, to show up and stand up for the vulnerable among us.

Though the world always seems be putting a bigger wedge between us, we look to God and the teachings of Jesus to show us the unified way, the pathway lit up with Love. Remember Jesus didn’t invite temple priests or guards to follow him; he didn’t invite powerful rulers to follow him. Jesus invited ordinary fisher-folk, the workers of the world, to build the kingdom of God on earth. Jason Byassee, writer for Sojourner magazine, wrote, “God becomes everything we are, to make us everything God is.”

Last Sunday, I asked you in my sermon to what or whom are you called to ‘come and see’; where and how you are called to be the light. After worship we heard about one way to be the church for our immigrant neighbors and friends who are threatened with deportation through Sanctuary or becoming an Immigrant Welcoming Congregation.

I invite you to spend time in prayer to listen to the Still-speaking God who is inviting us to… something.

Join me at McCoy’s on Thursday, Jan. 19th 6-8 pm for Bible & Brew.

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