God’s Kind of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! If only we could make everyday a day when we focus on love. God would really smile then! Jesus knew that people were challenged by God’s love-law and had been teaching a deeper understanding about following God’s way from the Sermon on the Mount. With each Sunday’s scripture according to Matthew we get deeper into the nitty gritty of the high expectations of covenant living. God’s kind of love requires our courage, discernment, and especially a covenant community who can support as well as challenge each other with this demanding work. This coming Sunday we’ll let Jesus lead us into understanding “an eye for an eye,” “go the extra mile,” and “love those who persecute you.”

We at Union church, seeking to live out God’s call to love beyond the usual boundaries, have acted in these ways:

  • two dozen people are making phone calls, writing letters, and attending rallies/meetings with our state and federal leaders on issues of injustice following through with their commitment to 100 days of resistance with thousands of Minnesotans of faith (ISAIAH)

  • we’ve discerned that Union cannot become a Sanctuary Church, but will ready ourselves to support churches in our area who are

  • there are more opportunities to learn about immigration – SUNDAY’s documentary – toward developing a covenant statement about being an Immigrant Welcoming Church

    Jesus reminds his followers that God’s nature is to love without discrimination. God sends blessings on both the just and the unjust. Love goes beyond, Love disarms. Love enables us to live remarkable and complete lives.

    May we continue to be transformed by God’s abundant love!

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