Hope and Purpose

This Sunday’s focus scripture is from the gospel according to Luke 24: 13-35. It’s the story about what happened on the road to Emmaus. Renowned Jesus scholar John Dominic Crossan made a profound statement about this text. “Emmaus never happened,” Crossan wrote. “Emmaus always happens.” What we are invited to grapple with in that statement is the truth that the factual (historical) significance of the resurrection stories is secondary to a more profound truth: the risen Christ is with us. Now. Here. That is what the early church began to learn, and it is what enabled them to move on. Our lives as Christians, followers of The Way, would likely not exist if the disciples hadn’t shared their experiences and encounters with the Risen Christ.

What does this ancient story have to do with us? Our spiritual encounters with God are a source of hope, but also a source of purpose. While Union church finishes the assessment portion of Moving Off the Map (last Focus Group session May 7th), the Executive Council will be undergoing its own discernment process by answering some key questions: Why is Union church here – what is our purpose? Who are we church for? What are our core values? What is our motivating vision?

While we all work hard as discerning where the Spirit is leading us, may we continue to listen closely, also!

Shalom, Pr. Barb

At unplanned (by us) moments you come and walk beside us, loving God. You accompany us into unknown places; you challenge us to look at things in new ways; you remind us that we are never alone. Thank you. Amen.

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