Paradox of Spring

It’s an odd paradox of April to see inches of wet snow attempt to push down the nearly-blooming tulips, to coat the green buds on lilac bushes, and frost the tree branches. And then in a matter of hours … the sky clears to reveal dazzling sunshine and blue sky!

As I read through the scripture texts for Holy Week I’m reminded of life’s fragility and the paradox of our relationship with death. To live fully is to push back against all things dying while being confronted with it daily – death of a childhood dream; death of a friendship or relationship that is no longer mutually fulfilling; death of family member, friend, or acquaintance. Like the changing of seasons in nature or in the church, death doesn’t have to be repulsive when we remember that God doesn’t let death be the final word. Though our hearts ache miserably in the face of loss, God’s promise of ‘new’ life still beckons.

God of resurrection joy, the world lures us into gloomy, pessimistic thinking, as if there is no hope. In the midst of this, you come to us, and in acts such as raising Jesus from death, and calling us by name, you proclaim that your word is not “no” but is a never-ending and life-affirming “Yes!”

Thank you.

Shalom, Pr. Barb

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