Wonderful Easter

Happy Easter! Yes, it’s still Easter even though Sunday is past. And speaking of Sunday, what a wonderful experience having 165 people at worship (10+ children)!

Many of you probably remember more Sundays like this, but church is different now. There is an entire generation of young people who never went to Sunday school, and among those who did, they no longer find church to have any relevance to their lives. What is it they want or need of church in order to give up their Sunday morning? I heard from a 20-something visitor that she has never experienced church like she did with us on Easter. Why? Straight talk from the pulpit about social issues and palpable inclusivity. She plans to tell her mother who attends a UCC church in Eau Claire, Wisconsin about her experience in hopes that they might move in the same direction.

Though we worry about the future, God doesn’t. Instead, God is calling us to listen—to listen deeply to the children and the young people about what it is they see, feel, and need. The challenge is to listen despite our fears. Some of us want to be assured that the next generation will keep the church going. Some of us know that young people already are the church, and that we need to be flexible enough to let them shape it.

Please plan to attend THIS Sunday, April 23rd to hear our guest preacher, Rev. Kevin Brown. Kevin worked at Union as Faith Formation director before Leah joined us. He is now the Minnesota Conference Associate Minister for Faith Formation. He and Leah will be leading us in some insightful, intergenerational activities. You won’t want to miss it!!

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