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The Center for Progressive Renewal has been a great ally and resource leading churches into the 21st century.

Carol Howard Merritt wrote in a recent blog about “Popping the Communication Bubble:” “Most of our communication at church occurs with one another. It’s all important—requests for prayer, gratitude for volunteers, and planning for events. Yet, as we talk within our bubble, we forget how to talk with people outside of it.” Isn’t it true that we wonder why we think Union is ‘the best kept secret in town’?

How can we change that? How can we construct a compelling message for our larger community?
Rev. Merritt works with churches whose communication mission and vision never reach anyone in our neighborhoods. This is a compelling reason to learn to talk with those surrounding the church, not just in the church.

What are some common steps for communicating our message outside of the bubble?

2. Think about your gifts and how they might meet the needs of those surrounding us. Churches have incredible resources that can meet fears, anxieties, and needs. When people feel stressed out because they have health problems, we have prayer groups and supportive, healing communities. When they feel stressed because of a lack of time or finances, we have the place where we can re-prioritize our lives and call for rest. When they are grieving, we have rituals surrounding sorrow. When people feel alone, we have the place where they can connect with other people.

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Pr. Barb

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