Churches Communication 3

The Center for Progressive Renewal has been a great ally and resource leading churches into the 21st century.
Carol Howard Merritt wrote in a recent blog about “Popping the Communication Bubble:” “Most of our communication at church occurs with one another. It’s all important—requests for prayer, gratitude for volunteers, and planning for events. Yet, as we talk within our bubble, we forget how to talk with people outside of it.” Isn’t it true that we wonder why we think Union is ‘the best kept secret in town’?

How can we change that? How can we construct a compelling message for our larger community?

Rev. Merritt works with churches whose communication mission and vision never reach anyone in our neighborhoods. This is a compelling reason to learn to talk with those surrounding the church, not just in the church.
What are some common steps for communicating our message outside of the bubble?

3. Identify the problem and solution. When businesses start, they have to draw up a plan that indicated a problem and a solution. When an author writes a book, she has to do the same thing. Of course, churches don’t have “the solution” to everyone’s problem (any more than a business or a book does), but it’s a good exercise to think about how our church community is helping. Union is doing this through the Moving Off the Map process, but there’s room for more conversation!

4. Find your church’s story. We all tell stories about our church, so what is the story that best communicates who we are? Stories can inspire us, cast a vision, and create resilience. Can we find a story that might resonate with the problem and solution we identified? Food for thought!

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