Mural Painting

I can hardly wait for Saturday’s mural painting! The design has been outlined and is ready for the us & the community to fill it with color! I know several families from Kid’s Zone are coming and who knows who else from the community. An advanced “THANK YOU” to Kathy and Tomi, Marilyn, Jan and Marylee for signing up to provide hospitality. No need to sign up to paint; just come anytime between 10am – 4pm. What a great way for folks to learn what great people you are.

THEN, come to worship on Sunday, July 9th. Invite a friend or neighbor to play and express your delight! Based on Genesis 24: 34-67 we’ll hear about the great love story of Isaac and Rebekah. Isaac loved Rebekah from the moment he saw her. What stories do you have to share about that one true love? What relationship brought or brings you the most delight and why?

We’ll share these types of stories in worship AND after!

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