Delight in Relationship

Last Sunday’s worship focused on “Delight in Relationship.” We actually ‘played’ in church! Several people told stories about events, people, and pets that influenced their lives in positive ways.

We know that everyone has a story and in fact, IS a story! These stories connect us with God and with each other. We know that life also brings division in our relationships. This Sunday we will hear the story from Genesis 25:19-34 about Jacob and Esau; the twins that had a difficult relationship from the time of their conception.

After Rebekah prays about this problem, God tells her that her twins “shall be divided,” yet God worked in the divided lives of these people. The church is often divided on issues, yet called to unity. This can be a burden and the cause of much heartache.

In worship, we will consider the idea that God works for good through all things, no matter what, and will not be limited by our prejudices and ideas of who is or isn’t suitable as a vehicle for good. You will be invited to investigate the idea that God loves us as we are, longs for us to be more our true selves, and wants us to hold dear our relationships in a divided world.

Shalom, Pr. Barb

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