Honorable Behavior

This Sunday we continue our journey into
the book of Genesis 29:15–28. Jacob falls
in love and works for his uncle, Laban, in
order to ‘earn’ the privilege to marry
Rachel. Jacob behaves honorably – a word
we associate with respect and privilege –
by keeping his promises. This is not the
behavior we’ve come to expect from Jacob;
however God’s active presence in Jacob’s
life is surely transforming him.

What does honorable behavior look like
today? How do we live an honorable life
with God? It seems a bit like walking an
obstacle course or a balance beam to
balance our busy lives with a relationship
with God. Some days each step needs to be
carefully negotiated and it takes all our
concentration and strength, other days we
can juggle and walk the line without effort.

Worship is an opportunity for us to find
balance and calm, a space away from the
busyness of our lives, a place to rethink
life’s priorities. It offers a place for us to
reconnect with the goodness of God and
gain strength and support as we seek to
live, the rest of the week, in ways that
honor our faith and our God.
I invite you to watch this 3-minute movie
The Honor Code by Katy Chevigny at
https://vimeo.com/40096499. Can we
really change the world by changing our
attitudes about honor?

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