Jacob – Understanding Struggles

The past few weeks we’ve been hearing stories about one of our forefathers of faith, Jacob. Even before his birth, Jacob has struggled with everyone. He has schemed and connived his way through life until he had a transforming encounter with God in a dream and, in this week’s text, wrestles through the night before his reunion with his estranged brother, Esau. What, why and who is he wrestling with now? With what realities of the past might Jacob be wrestling at this time?

Jacob shows incredible tenacity to hold on, though he is injured. He wrestles before receiving a blessing. When have you found yourself wrestling spiritually before being satisfied? Have there been times when you have found yourself holding on to faith tenaciously, despite feeling injured or hurt?

Life struggles happen to us all. It takes energy away from things that bring us joy. But without some struggle, would our lives be as fulfilling? I believe that the struggles I’ve been through have equipped me for ministry. How have your struggles or tough experiences equipped you?

While thinking about Union church and our financial woes, I wonder how the struggles of Union’s past have benefited and equipped Union church today? Though the Executive Council and the Moving Off the Map Team continue to wrestle with tough questions about an unknown future, like Jacob, we continue to be made aware of God’s Spirit moving in, among, and through us. God has not, nor will not, let us go as we journey together as beloved people of God.

See you in church!

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