Reconciliation and Defiance

Thank you to all who attended our special worship in the Narthex last Sunday! With five different ritual elements, we enjoyed a meaningful and interactive service about restoration and reconciliation. We acknowledged the messiness and the clumsiness of reconciliation. Though, sometimes it’s not possible, the injured person can take heart in finding their own path to wholeness.

This Sunday (27th) we’ll explore the story of baby Moses’ rescue because of the defiance of several women. Two midwives cross allegiances and defy a pharaoh through acts of subversion. Knowing Moses is a Hebrew child, the pharaoh’s daughter rescues him – thus undermining the rule of her father. How might the story of the midwives prepare us for answering God’s call as a community? Where in today’s world is the church called to acts of subversion, defiance, and disobedience?

These questions are straightforward for some and terrifying for others. We’ll gather in prayerful discernment to ask these tough questions together while embraced by God’s transforming love.

God of loving kindness and inspiring courage, we see your vision for just relations between people and nations. Sanctify our hospitality to strangers. Inspire our resistance against oppression. Enable our advocacy. Sustain our struggle.

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