If I think about it, Andrew Lloyd—Weber has provided me with biblical knowledge between my early childhood church years and adult years. “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” and “Jesus Christ Superstar” fleshed out these important narratives for me; I guess I can credit him with important images that illustrate my faith journey.

One of the great scenes in Joseph’s life is his final confrontation with his brothers in Egypt when they come begging for food. It’s a scene of heartbreak and redemption, restoration and reconciliation. Many of us come from families that are dysfunctional at best or even toxic. While there can’t always be Joseph’s kind of reconciliation – a face to face reckoning – this story has much to offer us as we gather images for our own faith formation.

This Sunday we will have a different kind of worship. We will gather in the Narthex, in a circle of chairs, to interact with elements of reconciliation. What are the implications of restoration and reconciliation for you and your family? How does restoration look in the church? In the world?

Come, let’s walk this path together.

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