Fall Events and Faith

September has flown by, but our programming is just getting started! This week is our first Plant-Based Meal lesson is on Wednesday at 5:30pm. On Sunday we’ll celebrate World Communion by bringing an abundance of food donations for STEP and building a mountain of groceries at the altar. Neighbors in Need special offering is this Sunday. If you’re an animal-lover, come (Oct. 1) at 5 pm for Blessing of the Animals on the front lawn (inside if bad weather).

In worship we’ll hear about the struggles of Moses and the Israelites in the wilderness from Exodus 17. I can relate to Moses. He was a reluctant leader, but chosen and equipped by God to lead. But change is never easy and it’s natural that we grumble. For the ancient Hebrew people, freedom from slavery in Egypt brought other kinds of hardships to the point of wondering if slavery might have been tolerable after all.

Isn’t it true that nostalgia for what had been can prevent us from moving forward? When there are stumbling blocks (which there always are) the temptation to retreat can be overwhelming. So, Moses asks God for help (perfect timing, Moses!). He reminds the Hebrew people that God has gotten them out of some tricky places before and will do so again. Now that’s what I call trust (aka faith)!

Yes church, we’re in a time of asking God to help us out of a tricky place. But God has been there in the past and continues to be with us each and every day. Maybe it’s time to build up our trust-muscles for the journey ahead.

Shalom, Pr. Barb

Draw closer to us, O God, Rock, and Redeemer, for our travels have made us thirsty, our trials have made us weary, our tribulations have pushed us apart; leaving us longing for the nourishment and refreshment that only you can provide. Thanks be to God.

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