I Am River

It’s our last Sunday in the Season of Creation – River Sunday! Sunday’s finale is a “don’t wanna miss” because our own composer in residence, Art Clyde, has written a beautiful piece of music, “I Am River” for us to sing. Through story and action, poems and song, we will explore the themes of life-giving river.

Our focus scripture, Revelation 22:1-5, is a highly symbolic vision of John of Patmos who inspires us with his image of a River of Life, a new creation. In the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt, mighty rivers truly were the waters of life, an expression of divine love. The agriculture, industry, religion, economics, and cultural life of whole nations depended on the flood cycles of the rivers. Rivers symbolized the saving action of God, a reminder of the divine presence. No wonder that the great mythologies and sacred texts of the Middle East, like the Bible, reflect the interconnectedness of all life with the river!

Our new paraments, a visual highlight in worship (cut and hemmed by Ann Pickens and silk-screened by several of you-thank you!) reminds us that we are also in the season of ordinary time – the green/growth season. How will you contribute to the growth of your faith and the ministry of Union this fall?

A prayer of preparation: Your justice rolls down like a river, O God, and your righteousness is like an ever-flowing stream. Immerse us in the rushing waters that we may be swept up in your current of love and washed by your mercy. Quench the thirst of all who seek you. Thanks be to God.

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