500th anniversary of the Reformation

We say in the UCC there are no tests of faith. Well … this isn’t a test of faith but a test of knowledge. How’s your church history? On Sunday, October 29th we’ll celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. We all know that any history is complex and mostly written by the ‘winners,’ but an understanding of the basics is very worthwhile; it can give a good overview of key events affecting the Christian faith. Here’s a sample of some dates and events (adapted from Bruce Shelley’s Church History in Plain Language.) See if you can fill in the blanks!

(30–70 AD) The Time of ____ and the Apostles

  • The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • The Christian faith is birthed, and the gospel of grace is preached
  • The destruction of ______
  • The ______ of Mark is written

    (70–312) The Age of catholic Christianity

  • The spread of the Christian faith
  • Martyrdom of the early believers
  • Early _____ were sprouted
  • The canonizing of _____ took place

    (312–590) The Age of the Christian ________

  • The Edict of Milan: An agreement between two Roman Emperors, Constantine and Licinius to
    allow Christians to live freely (without persecution). This allowed for ________ to become the
    dominant religion of the Roman Empire.
  • Constantine declares Christianity the official _______ of the Roman empire.

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