Thunderstorms in Minnesota scare me! I’ve learned a very healthy respect for the power of
Mother Nature. I can understand how ancient people thought God was angry with them or
the god of thunder was punishing them – nature’s kind of power can hurt you!

One of the texts for Sunday is from Exodus 20. Moses has just come down from the
mountain where God gave him the Ten Commandments or the Ten Words. It tells how the
Hebrew people trembled in fear at creation’s witness to God’s holy power – “thunder and
lightning, sound of the trumpet, and the mountain smoking.”

The Ten Commandments sound so ‘old-school’ and yet they’re basic all-purpose God stuff
like the rules you learn in preschool – take turns, no hitting, ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ We all
need some rules in order to be in healthy relationships with each other. The Israelites were
out in the middle of nowhere just getting used to listening to God after feeling deserted
during their enslaved years. In renewing their relationship with YHWH, the commandments
offer a vision of the world that God promises to bring to fulfillment.

As we embark on “The Journey of Generosity,” (our stewardship/pledge theme) are there
any ‘rules’ you live by when it comes to supporting the church? Do you give a percentage of
your income? Do you wait to see what’s left after the bills are paid? What commandment
governs your checkbook?

Draw closer to us, our God, Rock, and Redeemer, for our travels have made us thirsty,
our trials have made us weary, our tribulations have pushed us apart; leaving us longing for
the guidance and instruction that only you can provide.

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