2018 is starting out with a whole-lotta change! We’re saying a fond farewell to Maria, our church secretary of seven years. We’re beginning a year-long leadership training and coaching program with Vibrant Faith Ministries. Don’t miss it! Jim LaDoux, consultant, coach & CEO will share some vital information with us THIS Sunday, January 14th after worship. PLEASE plan to be here!

2018 is looking like a year of discerning God’s call to us as church and to each of us individually. As we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, and in the spirit of “the church must always be reformed,” what is God calling us to do and be? This week’s focus scripture is about God’s call in the life of a young boy, Samuel. It doesn’t come via an iPad or Smartphone, but through a ‘still, small voice’ that speaks in our thoughts, dreams, and sometimes through conversations with others. For Samuel, it took the wisdom of the ageing and blind priest, Eli, to open Samuel’s eyes as to who was calling. Like most calls in the Hebrew Bible, this is not a general call. Rather, it came in a time of spiritual emptiness. There had been no word from God, and there were no ethics due to corruption; there was military threat and, as the story of Samuel unfolds, the people moved towards wanting a king as leader. (Israel had no king at that time but was ruled by judges.) Through it all, Samuel became the sole source for God’s word, allowing us to see the radical move that God made with this call.

Our world, too, in this time and place can feel spiritually empty. However, God never stops calling to us. How do we know it’s God? How will we make ourselves ready? And then… what?
Come. Listen to each other. Be open and see what God has in store for us.

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