What can you do to be God’s change agents?

In the next few weeks, we’ll be using a long list of scriptures about God’s call on our lives as disciples of Jesus. This Sunday we’ll hear about Jonah’s call from God to warn the people of Ninevah and from the gospel according to Mark, we’ll hear about Jesus choosing his fisher-folk disciples. When Jesus calls his ministry team, he doesn’t merely call them to check off a to-do list in order to bring about a better future, but calls them into a new state of being, a posture of redemption in which their relationships with God and with others are forever transformed. So … What would it take for our community to change injustice in its midst? What can you do to be a change agent?

I know that many of you are active in being God’s change agents in the world and sometimes the need can feel overwhelming. Consider this poem:

Consider your relationship When my news feed is flooded and fear fills my lungs, and my heart drops Into an abyss of unrecognition, I draw nearer to the ocean. Let the cacophony of crashing waves drown out the noise of the everyday. Feel the droplets of my own cells moisten with the humidity of its vast, watery expanse. I focus on the depth of the sea. Of its bottomless leagues that hold multitudes of new life spawning and the ancient origins of all life. All is in motion. All is eternal. Everything is passing. Is everlasting. © Beth Waltemath

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