Liberal Theology

In the UCC, we believe that all people – fervent believer, seeker, or generous doubter – is a beloved child of God and has their own relationship with the ‘Sacred More’.

The UCC is organized from the bottom up. That is, each local church calls its own pastor, determines its own structure, programs, and ministries. We are in a covenant (promise) relationship with the Minnesota Conference UCC and the national United Church of Christ.

Some UCC churches are more progressive; others are more conservative. Nearly all UCC churches practice open communion, which means all are welcome at God’s table.

Union Congregational United Church of Christ is on the more liberal end of the continuum, both in theology and social justice. We believe in God’s love for all creation; we do not believe in a judgmental or vengeful God. Though we vary in our understanding of the Jesus event, many do not believe that a sacrifice was needed for God and humanity to be in relationship with one another.

In general, we do not take the Bible literally, but continually learn from the scriptures about living faithful lives.

We are a Just Peace church and an Open and Affirming church, welcoming lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

We value education and learning about our faith as well as practicing it. Our adult education folks enjoy reading the writings of John Shelby Spong, Marcus Borg and other progressive theologians. Wednesday morning Bible study (10:30 am) and Sunday morning Adult Education (8:30 am) are OPEN to everyone!

When it comes to social justice, we are in partnership with Beacon Interfaith Housing, STEP,  the Sojourner Project, the Thanksgiving Day Free Store, and Refugee Services through the MN Council of Churches. We are busy doing advocacy work with ISAIAH, discerning our role as an Immigrant Welcoming Congregation, and a Sanctuary Supporting Congregation.

Some of our members have been lifelong members of this church, some have claimed this denomination since childhood, and some members come from a variety of backgrounds; they are former Catholics, ELCA Lutherans, United Methodists, Presbyterians, Baptists and more. We have a number of Christian/Jewish families who worship together at Union.

There is a genuine caring and warmth among those who gather for the various activities at Union. Union is alive, filled with the spirit.