Faith Community Ministry

At Union, our pastor, and Faith Community Ministry Committee and congregant volunteers support this demonstration of our concern for the health and well-being of our members.

Visits to hospitals and care facilities, home visits and advocacy with regard to spiritual direction and health concerns, and “being there” in times of transition or crisis are all part of the Faith Community Ministry mission.

For more information or to request a confidential meeting to discuss a concern, please call the church office at 952-929-8566 or fill out the form at right.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

An age-old tradition, prayer shawl ministry is active at Union thanks to congregational members who knit and crochet shawls that incorporate prayers for each person who will receive them. These beautiful, multicolored shawls are presented by our pastor, parish nurse and other members of the church to those who are in need of extra prayers and comfort.

Shawl presentations may be made to individuals:

  • experiencing an illness
  • celebrating a special birthday, a wedding or a birth
  • working as a leader
  • staying at home and unable to leave
  • living in poverty
  • dealing with injustice or discrimination
  • experiencing grief

Each shawl is entered into a journal that includes the shawl creator’s name, the recipient’s name, the color, the occasion and the date.

To participate, visit the church library: There, a knitting basket holds directions and plenty of yarn. Then, get started!

If you have questions, contact Jean Daniels or Carolyn Cleveland, both of whom have been instrumental in developing this ministry. Any donations for the purchase of yarn are greatly appreciated.

For further information, please use our form at right.



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