Pastoral Counseling

Short-term: Pastoral counseling* is available to all members and friends of Union. Pre-marital, marital, and spiritual counseling can be scheduled with the pastor through the church office or via email (below). These counseling sessions are designed to address specific needs in 6-8 sessions.

Long-term: Pastoral counseling* can help a person identify the need for long-term clinical therapy and counseling. The pastor can help you identify the type of counseling best suited to your specific needs and provide you with a list of area practitioners to assist you in your mental-health and personal-care goals. For long-term spiritual goals, the pastor can provide a list of spiritual directors as well. To schedule a counseling session, contact the pastor through the church office or via email (below).


* Please note: Pursuant to Minnesota Law and in accordance with the Ethical Guidelines of Ordained Clergy with Standing in the United Church of Christ, clergy are mandated reporters of any and all crimes against children, seniors, and/or adults with special needs, or those how have expressed the intent to harm self or others. While pastoral confidentiality is an expected part of a relationship with a pastor and member or friend of the church, secret keeping of harmful and illegal behaviors or intention of harmful or illegal behaviors will be reported as required by denominational standards and expectations and in accordance with Minnesota law.

Union Congregational United Church of Christ has committed to being a Safe Church, free from harm and intolerance as a part of our mission to be a Just Peace Congregation. For more information on Minnesota Statues and laws, please visit the Minnesota website:

Subd. 3. Persons mandated to report.

(a) A person who knows or has reason to believe a child is being neglected or physically or sexually abused, as defined in subdivision 2, or has been neglected or physically or sexually abused within the preceding three years, shall immediately report the information to the local welfare agency, agency responsible for assessing or investigating the report, police department, or the county sheriff if the person is:

(1) a professional or professional’s delegate who is engaged in the practice of the healing arts, social services, hospital administration, psychological or psychiatric treatment, child care, education, correctional supervision, probation and correctional services, or law enforcement; or

(2) employed as a member of the clergy and received the information while engaged in ministerial duties, provided that a member of the clergy is not required by this subdivision to report information that is otherwise privileged under section 595.02, subdivision 1, paragraph (c).

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