At Union we view faith formation as a life-long process. We offer learning opportunities for all ages in a number of venues. We also subscribe to the idea that intergenerational worship and faith formation are vital to forming relationships, growing spirituality, and encouraging all ages on their faith journeys, sustaining them into the future.
Children are active participants at Union. They are welcome in worship, learning in various settings, taking part in music and drama opportunities, and volunteering to help Union and the greater community. Having children in worship provides several benefits: children hear and fall in love with the hymns from an early age, they see their family worshipping together, they begin to hear the stories, they learn they are welcome participants of the church, and they have a common starting point with their family to learn and grow throughout the week.


At Union, we welcome children of all ages to experience worship through the songs, prayers, and stories of our faith we share together during our service.

A Children’s Nook is located near the entrance to the sanctuary, and is a welcome spot for children to nestle in while playing with puzzles, books, coloring pages and stuffed animals. Booster chairs are also near the entrance. Everyone is invited to participate in the scripture related table activity at the front of the sanctuary during the sermon.  To parents: please know that you are surrounded by a congregation who sincerely loves and appreciates children, including all of their giggles, outbursts and general commotion that comes along with them!

Godly Play for All Ages

Each week, September to May, we gather, 9:10 – 9:50 a.m., to hear a Bible story and make it real through games, movement, drama, art, music and more. The story is told over several weeks in different ways and the activities that bring the story to life are all working toward a “big” project or worship piece to engage the entire congregation in the story and in the lives of the Godly Play participants. Each week is independent from the other weeks so come every Sunday or just when you are able; everyone is welcome any time!

Adult Education

From 8:30-9:30 each Sunday, an adult group gathers to share coffee and conversation. They use DVD series, books, and/or current events as discussion starters.

*Story for All Ages
During worship each week Leah Springer, the Director of Faith Formation, takes time to help make the day’s theme or scripture more real and pertinent to children young and old. It is a time for moving around, discussion with others, looking at relevant picture books, using other visuals, or using our imaginations.

*Table Activity
Most Sundays we have an activity that happens around a table in the sanctuary which helps hands-on learners translate the day’s theme or scripture into a message for today. These are activities for all ages!

*Milestone Ministry
As a way of recognizing life’s turning points and saying “this is important and God is here too” we use Milestone Ministry ™ in worship. We celebrate and support each other along the way as worship participants are baptized, get a driver’s license, graduate, are married, experience the death of a loved one and more.

Fellowship Time
Fellowship follows worship each Sunday and is one more opportunity to make a connection with the greater community, share conversation and have a treat. Everyone is welcome!

Union Youth and youth from other churches join together in this ecumenical group for a critical mass to do justice and service projects, fun and educational events, and go on annual mission trips. These gatherings are most often on Sundays although days, dates and times vary.

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