News and Events

Welcome to Union church! There is always something going on here and we’re glad you are curious about us.

The building is full of life being used by many non-profits. But more importantly, the Spirit of God is at work here. Following in the footsteps of our Christian reformers, we are constantly renewing ourselves and our faith.

Sunday is still the busiest day of the week (check out the Faith Formation page). Worship begins at 10:00 a.m followed by fellowship time (a big spread of healthy and not-so-healthy snacks, fair-trade coffee, tea and juice) and often there is an event here, too. We’ve been discussing and learning about immigration. We are in the process of becoming an Immigrant Welcoming Congregation and also a Sanctuary-Supporting church. We have assembled ‘welcome kits’ for the Sojourner Project, watched videos and held table conversations about social issues, and hosted special speakers.

Check out our calendar, or click on the News and Events link to the left for current happenings! Or … come on over for a visit!