In the progressive Christian context, Rev. Barbara Martin uses sermons to explain the Bible’s sacred texts in the social, political, economic contexts of the times in which they were spoken—written and edited.

In worship, the sermon helps listeners explore ways in which “God is still speaking” today. Sermons are crafted to engage listeners in a variety of ways. Sermons are designed to teach about the faith context and community, address issues of social injustice, and inspire listeners to action within the community and the world. Rev. Martin highlights the Bible’s daily application in our lives to stir us from complacency and comfort us, too.

In addition, we engage listeners with a Story for All Ages—presented in a way that is accessible for all learning ages and learning abilities. Anyone (any age) who wishes may join Leah Springer, Director of Faith Formation, at the front of the worship space and get comfy on pillows to experience a special story designed to provide another avenue of learning and wondering. The congregation is welcomed into activities based on the day’s scripture and themes. Occasionally this time is used to recognize and celebrate “milestones” of the congregation or individuals, which may be church or daily milestones such as baptism, or a personal success. We honor all-important events in the lives of our friends and members.